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Hello Gamers, Fellow Autists and Neurotypicals


My name is Marcus, I’m 43 and have Aspergers Syndrome. My son is 11 and is has Autism. Apart from both being on the spectrum, we are both avid gamers, and love all things DC and Marvel. Whilst I am more of the MMO player, my son is more into the FPS games and Minecraft. Though I to play Minecraft,I usually play the modded variety.

I have decided to start this blog to share my views of the gaming community, news and events that my son and I come across. Also to record the progress of a character or two in World of Warcraft, and maybe start a new Minecraft world. With each post I make, I will try to attach a video, but please do not expect any commentry, I find it difficult to speak to people I know let alone to alot of strangers.

Anyway thank you for taking a look at my blog, and please visit again for more news posts.

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First Blood, Unfortunatly Mine

OK past level 10, time to let the ground run red with Hordes blood. Time for Battlegrounds and PvP.


Just wish I had a few more abilities, but those will come in time. Well I logged on with the intent of doing a battleground for the blog. And I was wishing that Arathi Basin would pop, oh how I dislike Warsong Gulch. But the gods of Azeroth did not smile on, me, infact they tormented me with 16 minutes in the gulch. Here is a video to show how I did.

Well I have now decided to try a battleground every other level, or each time I gain a new offensive ability. Will also have to make a macro to inform the neurotypicals that I am a shockadin, not their pocket healer.

Away from the world of WoW and gaming. My son and I may have made my partner feel rather uncomfortable today. We share the same sense of humour, and weird every day things start my son and I on a strange train of thought and find every thing hilarious on the way. Today was one of those occasions. We went shopping to Waitrose, a local supermarket. Now my son and I have set days and times we go shopping to certain shops. We have discovered their “quiet times”. and Waitrose has hand held scanners, you just take your item, scan the barcode, put it in your bag. When finished, you take the scanner to a terminal, let the terminal read the scanner, and pay for your items. Tis great, no human contact.
Anyway back to the story. Was on a trip to Waitrose, and we were heading back to the car. And we noticed the hose pipe they use to water the plants they have for sale outside. My son said something about pushing the trolley/cart over the hose, then one thing lead to another and so on. I did not get back to the car, luckily the car as not to far away, my son got to the car and fetched my inhaler. We were laughing so hard I had an asthma attack. When my breathing calmed down, my partner asked what was funny, and all we could say was “The Hose”.
It is moments like this where my son and I are on the exact same wavelength. from comments my partner has made I think she does not like them. I have asked if they bother her, but she says no. I can not tell if she is being sarcastic, telling the truth, or just trying to make me feel ok. Nut I have heard her on the phone mentioning about “The Silly Moments” as she calls them.

Anyway see you next time folks.



By The Power of Shockadin

Yesterday evening, I had some spare time, so got the new Shockadin In Training out. Gathered all the quests in Goldshire, and started on my journey to level 10. One shotting most of the critters, seems slightly over powered, hopefully will have more of a challenge when I start questing in Westfall.

Anyway here is the video. Over the next few days my partner and I are going to modify my time table so that I will have regular days when I play the paladin, then upload videos. Yes I live by a timetable, helps me keep calm and focused if I live by a predictable time table. Don’t know why but makes me feel safe.

Not Much Today

Sorry that there is not much posted today. I had a slight meltdown early this morning. Son wanted to go down the park on his new bike, and with his autism, it is best to just let him go out, and burn off some energy, rather than let him have a meltdown. Anyways, with the nice weather, and it being the first day of the summer holidays,the park was very busy. Ok for my son as he had his bike to concentrate on, for me, was a case of keeping my head down, trying to shut out all the noise, and keep calm. After about the second lap of the park, (it is a bi park, circumference is 2.35 miles), my son was starting to loose concentration, and making more and more errors. Well it all came to a climax when my son accidentally fell off the bike and into this couple. I ran up to the scene of the accident, no one seemed hurt, but my son was getting very anxious, head down, mumbling, rocking back and forth. While checking my son over I apologised for the accident, averting my gaze from them, I hate looking at people when talking. The young man was ok with it all, think he could tell that my son was autistic, but the young woman started getting abusive, saying that my son should not be in the park riding a bike, and that I should take him somewhere else to learn to ride the bike, like the local main road. Well I started getting worked up, and when my meltdowns start my speech become inaudible. I tried to get out an explanation, that my son had problems, and then she started making fun of my speech. At this point her partner tried moving her away, but she would not have it. As luck would have it a couple with their children that live close to us, were walking through the park on their way home, and asked if everything was ok. And of course the young woman was ranting that my son fell off his bike and knocked her. Our neighbours saw that I was having difficulties at that time, so they explained that my son and my self were Autistic, and explained what that ment. The young man was all apologetic, and once again tried to take his girlfriend away. But she even had the gall to call my neighbours liars. My neighbour, reminded me of our Autism Alert Cards, we were given by the National Autistic Society. Well when she saw these two blue cards, and read them….. I’ve never seem someone turn white so fast, and walk away so fast. My neighbours walked my son and I home, and explained to my partner what happend.

So I have spent most of the day trying to reassure my son. And try telling him that it is safe to go back to the park, and it is ok to fall off his bike.

We also spent some time looking at some new mod packs for minecraft. Think we will be setting up a server for FTB Horizons Daybreaker.

Oh What To Play…..part 2

Ok, so I went with the Paladin, and I chose the Alliance. So that ment human, dwarf of space goat. I decided to go with a human male character, and made him old-ish looking, hence “The Old Autistic Gamer”. Luckily I had profiles for the main add ons I use, so instead of taking 30 minutes to set up mu UI, it was done in just a few clicks. Then it was time to unpack my heirlooms, then equip the garb. Once booted and polished, I was off to start questing in Northshire Abbey, a quick detour for the rare spawned kobold and a questing was a ago.

A few times I received whispers from a strange hunter, but they were ignored. I guess the hunter was trying to whisper the person that was boosting him. Why boost in Northshire Abbey ???

Anyway I completed my quests in Northshire, and made my way to Goldshire Village, made my way to the Lion Pride Inn, called it home, and then took to my bed.


Next episode I shall start questing in Elwynn Forest, and try and make it to level 10, where I officially become a shockadin.



Oh What To Play…. part 1

After starting this blog last night, I spent some time trying to come up with a class to play. So I did what I usually do. I hit Youtube and watched some videos to see if I could find anything interesting. Now back in The Burning Crusade, I remember some people playing a Holy Paladin that was DPS rather than a Healer. They called themselves a Shockadin. Well it seems in Warlords of Draenor, they’re back. So I am tempted to give them a try. They do seem to be more PvP orientated, so if I do decide to level one up, I think that the leveling process will be shockadin for questing and battlegrounds, and healer for dungeons. The guy that I have been watching is Luckystriked The Paladin, he has come up with some good videos.

Here is a montage video that Luckystrikd has made.


My Gaming Rig at the moment is

Intel i5 3750k at 3.4GHz,

Asus P8Z77 Pro ,

16GB DDR3 1600MHz Corsair Vengence RAM

2 MSI 770ti Twin Fozr in SLI

Corsair H100i sealed water cooler

2 Kingston 250Gb SSD’s

2TB Western Digital HDD

Blu Ray Drive

NZXT Switch 810 Case

2 Asus┬áVE248H 24″ LED Monitor

I do plan on building a new rig in the next 12 months, and this rig will either be donated to my son, (though I think he plans on building a new one soon to), or be used for rendering videos for You Tube.

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